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To compete with standard applications, dApps need to be indistinguishable to the user

Blockchain technology didn’t provide adequate resources to allow this... Until Now!

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vRAM is an alternative storage solution for developers building EOS dApps that is RAM-compatible, decentralized, and enables storing & retrieving of potentially unlimited amounts of data affordably and efficiently.


IPFS is built around a decentralized system of user-operators who hold a portion of the overall data, creating a resilient system of file storage and sharing.

Liquid Accounts

Provide your users with free accounts, and eliminate onboarding difficulties with a solution that remains secure and trustless, all while being able to easily transition accounts to mainnet accounts when requested.

Liquid Scheduler

Set timed events. Free up resources when users become inactive. Schedule regular checks of data sources. Take advantage of options to make your application more resistant to unreliable providers and infrastructure failures.

dApp Development

Build a complete decentralized application on top of the most powerful protocols with a seasoned team of smart contract developers, full-stack engineers and web developers.

Business Services

Grow your business, attract new users and yield more income. With dApp Solutions, you can harness the power of decentralized business models and mutually beneficial structures that turn your users into brand loyalists.


LiquidOracles stands out by keeping SLAs and data verification on chain, protecting you from the risks of malicious or accidental failure. Protect your data streams from being modified by malicious parties.

Liquid Link

Telos, BOS, Ripple, Stellar, Tron, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash – the days of being forced to choose sides are over. Feed data from major chains to your dApp. Deploy Ethereum contracts and sign Ethereum transactions and actions from your EOS dApp.

DAPP Solutions is Now Live

Check out all the staking, rewards and services statistics for DAPP Solutions and other DSPs on EOS Nations’ DSP Portal.

Low Cost Resources

Get started now with DAPP Solutions and make your impact on the world.

Setting Ourselves Apart

Our CEO, Jason Kemp, is a hearing impaired Doctor of Audiology. In partnership with our affiliate Sharity (pending), our mission is to facilitate Dr. Kemps’s ability to help those in need through the creation of a decentralized autonomous charity (DACH) that will accept transparent and secure donations. Your charitable donation, combined with Dr. Kemp’s 25 years of experience fitting and wearing hearing aids himself, will ensure that your good will results in maximum quality of life impact. 

Jason Kemp Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology
Founder & CEO

Having built and sold several businesses over his lifetime, career audiologist Jason Kemp was enamored by EOS’s versatility and speed. Once he took a deep dive into LiquidApps, he realized how this middle-ware solution could bridge the gap between blockchain, and easy-to-use applications.

Ami Heines


Ami has a B.S. in Math & Physics from Tel Aviv University. He’s a software developer with 3+ decades of experience who specializes in Node.js and MySQL. Some of his pet projects include META-II for developing compilers, and teaching mid-school math to his kindergarten nephews.

Rick Ryplanski

Systems advisor
software architect

Rick has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Manitoba. He has 30+ years delivering enterprise level solutions for retail and financial companies. He has worked with a variety of technologies and enjoys the opportunity to help others implement them effectively.

Niel Stevenson

Quality Assurance
& Product Testing

Niel is responsible for product testing, operational improvement and quality control at DAPP Solutions.

Kevin Beaulieu

Community Relations

Glen Lafrenais

Security Advisor

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