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The Business of Blockchain

We Build Resource Efficient 

Blockchain Applications

Your Grandparents would love to use

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Simple User Name and Password 

Frictionless On-boarding

Private Keys Stored on Local Device

Why DAPP Account?

No keys, passphrases, or passwords.

Free user accounts, simple, fast, and efficient.

Capture better conversions and retain more users.

Slash your on boarding costs & streamline your registrations.

Developer Tools From DAPP Network


Affordable RAM for your EOSIO Application.


Secure data streams, verified on blockchain for auditability & better protection

Liquid Scheduler

Save resources and costs by automating your CRON processes.


Simple on-boarding without all the costs or blockchain friction

Why DAPP Solutions

DAPP Academy

Use our easy to deploy SDK’s and try the technology under the helpful hand of our experts.  Completely free training and support means there is no pressure to do anything other than create amazing applications.  Love the technology and built something fantastic?  Try our freemium model to ensure you can scale affordably. 

Meteoric Laboratories

We help amazing projects get to market.  We work with the upcoming innovators to help fill in the gaps.  Reach out to us and tell us your story.  We have a network of incredible resources and partners to help ensure we elevate incredible founders and teams.  We are a full cycle development ecosystem.  Contact us to find out more below.

Freemium Resource Model

So you have built something incredible using our services but might want to test the waters or allow yourself time to attract community to get to the next level.  Our resource costs start for free and slowly scale with your application so we share in your successes and victories.


Application Development

From project ideation and discovery to post launch support.  We’re here to help

Tokenomics Advisory

Financial modelling and rational tokenomics for your digital asset ecosystem

Block Production on EOSIO

We produce blocks on various chains and projects within the EOSIO Network

DAPP Network Service Provider

DAPP Solutions is a Proud provider of DAPP Network services and enhanced offerings built on the EOSIO blockchain technology

Operations Consulting and Staffing

We can help you get your business organized and optimized

Infrastructure Management

Outsource your infrastructure management and streamline your business

Marketing & Community

We build great communities.  We create effective marketing and sales strategies.

Project Incubation and Accelerator

We have partnered with the best teams in the industry to bring your project to market

Inter-blockchain Communication

Cross-chain solutions within EOSIO and beyond

Middleware Integrations

Specialized middleware that talks to the cold web.  Meld blockchain and the internet

Let’s Connect

Jason Kemp

Jason Kemp

Founder & CEO

Jason Kemp is a serial entrepreneur and distributed ledger enthusiast.  After multiple successful exits, Jason transitioned full time into the blockchain space.  Jason brings the deep entrepreneurial experience to deliver on the DAPP Solutions goal of bringing Enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to mass adoption.

Ami Heines

Ami Heines

Blockchain Architect

Ami has a B.S. in Math & Physics from Tel Aviv University. He’s a software developer with 3+ decades of experience who specializes in Node.js and MySQL. Some of his pet projects include META-II for developing compilers, and teaching mid-school math to his kindergarten nephews.

John Campbell

John Campbell

Head of Development

John has nearly two decades of development experience, stemming from web technologies and extending into both traditional and blockchain data models. He specializes in data-driven application development and L2 development solutions such as the DAPP network.

Cloud Hearing

Zack Gall

Zack Gall

EOS Advisor

Rick Ryplanski

Rick Ryplanski

Systems Advisor

Glen Lafrenais

Glen Lafrenais

Operations Advisor

Schedule a Time To Meet


Are you looking to enter the blockchain space as a career but don’t know where to acquire the skills or don’t know how to start?  Join us as an intern part time.  We love incubating talent.  Our best interns have the first considerations on future opportunities.  Contact us to find out more.


Did you want to be a DAPP Solutions ambassador?  Running our business takes an army.  Reach out to learn more about opportunities for ambassadors and how we can work together to build the future of the internet.

Referral Partners

Are you great at connecting people and opportunties?  If so, we would love to hear from you.  Great remuneration for those actively involved in referring us great projects, clients and partners.  Contact us now to learn more.

Let’s Connect

Jason has been one of my favorite people to work with for a long time. He consistently brings innovative and fresh ideas to the table. Its an understatement to say that his knowledge and skill, both in Blockchain and business development are impressive. If anyone is every given the chance to work with Jason is any capacity don't let it pass you by.

-Jesse Anglen

JOULE Index has chosen DappSolutions to be our Dapp Service Provider from the outset for their extensive product offering and commitment to the ecosystem. Building on the LiquidApps Dapp Network is blazing trails at the forefront of blockchain. Operating in a paradigm of no borders and no holidays, we are grateful for the DappSolutions team’s professionalism and quick response. They are instrumental in our journey to drive mass adoption of blockchain. I encourage any dapp projects to engage with them and tap into their expertise in DSP, DappAccount or whatever new products. Because having solid partners is a crucial ingredient for success, especially for startups.

JOULE – Global Popularity Index

Partner Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DAPP Network?

The DAPP Network is a series of developer tools that makes on-boarding easier and resources more affordable for blockchain applications, lowering costs and streamlining efficiency.

What is your association with LiquidApps?

LiquidApps is the creator of the DAPP Network infrastructure.  We are, amongst our other offerings, a provider of their network services.  We also offer enhanced tools built on their architecture.

How does your accelerator work?

We have certain pre-existing criteria for applications that we feel are innovative and disruptive.  We work with applications to offer them a range of support from both ourselves and our partners.

How does DAPP Academy work?

DAPP Academy will host easy to deploy SDK’s right out of the box with information and support to help you try out our development tools.  Your resources for doing so are also provided free of charge,

How can we work together?

If you want to get in touch feel free to send us a request in the contact us section above.  We’re happy to answer questions and engage with anyone who is interested in talking or finding out more.

Why freemium resources?

DAPP Solutions provides initial free resources that scale into affordable models.  This is our way of reducing friction to help get you started.

Our Strategic Partners